Efficient document controllers on TascTemp.com

Document controllers are crucial for managing documents of key projects or business as a whole. When you need to hire document controllers, look out for someone who is proficient at typing, good at organizing documents, and expert at basic technology. TascTemp.com, one of the leading temp staffing agencies, can also support you in your search even when you need them for just a short while.

More about admin staff on TascTemp.com

Candidates on TascTemp.com are subjected to 2-levels of internal screening and continuous training to help them perform better at any temporary job. These candidates have been hand-picked from a pool of applicants based on their experience, language fluency, personality, references, among many other factors. For the role of admin staff, we select those candidates who have the below competencies:

  • Reliable

    Someone who is reliable and trustworthy to store, mark-up and keep updated status of all critical documents.

  • Multi-tasking

    Candidates are expected to respond to multiple requests or updates simultaneously, without messing up the document storage.

  • Organized

    Individuals are considered for this role when they show a natural inkling towards being organized and detail-oriented.

Whether you need to document controllers for few days, weeks or months; TascTemp.com, one of the best temp recruitment agencies, can easily help you with suitable candidates. Register today (free), and recruit document controllers any day.

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